Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the videos be in another language?

Yes, as long as the video has English or Spanish subtitles, but for festival screening at the theater is required to have Spanish subtitles.

What are the judges looking for?

Content, Story, Unction, Quality, Acting, Composition, Sound, Lighting, and continuity,  are what the judges will look at to determine to best videos.

Do I have to be Christian to participate?

No, as long as you video has an uplifting, positive message and shows Christian values.


I'm in the video, can I submit it?

No, unfortunately you cannot submit the video unless you are the creator, producer, director of the video.

I made a film 5 years ago, can I submit?

Yes, you absolutely can.

Can I sign up now and send my film later to take advantage of the discount?

Absolutely!  But make sure you send it before the deadline and remember, there’s no refund.