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Our Approach

LICFMF, Lantern International Christian Film and Music Fest was born with the purpose of motivate and stimulate the social values movies in Latin America, we have an amazing diversity of quality independent films that seek distribution and exhibition in Spanish-language movie theaters and films all over the world that are in other languages to be distributed in Latin America; some without even being able to have the right tools to be able to be introduced to the vast and wide world of film distribution internationally. With a thriving Dominican film industry, and with the purpose of promoting and marketing local and international productions based on values designed especially to revitalize and nurture family values in society.

Our Story

Our founders producers of two independent film movies with a passion for quality faith-based films and fighting hard with the barriers that arise when it comes to independent film, we've participated in several international film festivals worldwide and we have seen the need to contribute in the construction of bridges that help the distribution and exhibition of faith-based films and at the same time network with producers that have the same goals and from there, we create LICFMF 2020, so all can watch!.

Our Founders

Federico, director and producer of faith-based films. In 1995 directed and produced a low budget movie “Prisionera”, nominated in LA Christian film festival WYSIWYG in 2001 as “Best Unction Drama”. Director and producer of the Award Winner movie “JANA” 2018, together with his wife, a moving story about forgiveness and redemption. Patricia a degree in Advertising with a Master's degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, what has fascinated her all her life is literature. He has made a number of short stories, earning honorable mention in literary contests. Then she continued with a journalistic column in the newspaper Listín Diario, Dominican Republic called My Contributions from 2005 to 2013, and wrote the screenplay for the Award Winner Movie "Jana".

Next Steps...

As the festival approaches, stay up to date with the most current list of screenings, workshops, guest speakers and special events, click this button and get your tickets.